We’re a Personal and Corporate catalytical platform for Life and Business Coaching, as well as Writing and Publishing.

Every Individual, group or organisation has a Dream to Achieve Significance and become Successful. It is a dream enriched with happiness, fulfilment and greatness. It is a dream of positive impact and satisfaction in their personal lives and growth with profitability in business. And as difficult or far-fetched as this may be for many, it is attainable with the right plans, strategies and approaches.

At WiVirt, we believe in the uniqueness of Individuals as it relates to their peculiar gifts or talents, personalities and capabilities, hence having an advantage in potentials that can be exploited for maximum success in personal and corporate endeavours.

We also believe that every start-up or even an established enterprise has the potentials to become a global brand if it is properly positioned and equipped with the right tools, systems and structures. And these are the things that WiVirt is about.

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Life coaching

We assist our clients with practical skills and strategies to help them solve problems, break limiting beliefs and perform at the highest levels possible in all aspects of their personal lives


Business Support

We offer consultation services to our clients and assist them with Brand Positioning, Marketing and Market Penetration strategies



We also provide digital and online publishing services with top notch layout and cover designs

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